Bali Royal Hospital Develops KDH Singaraja Hospital

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS), which has entered its 7th year, is now doing external and managerial development. BROS is now developing Karya Dharma Husada Hospital (KDH) in Singaraja area which has been established for 21 years. With the management of KDH by BROS, the hospital is officially renamed as KDH BROS Hospital.

The re-launching of RSU KDH BROS which was held last Friday (2/2), marked the new hospital management. The inauguration was conducted by Vice Regent of Buleleng, dr. I Nyoman Sutjidra, Sp.OG in the hospital hall. On this occasion, also attended by Vice Chairman of DPRD Ketut Wirsana, Director of RSU KDH BROS dr. Anak Agung Oka Sulaksmi, Director of PT Putra Husada Jaya Ir. Ida Bagus Indrajaya and representatives from PT Karya Dharma Husada dr. Gede Eka Rusdi Antara, Sp.B., KBD.

The goals of BROS in developing KDH Hospital is a part of its commitment to assist hospitals located in the regions area to improve the standard of health services. BROS sees the potential of market development in Singaraja which is quite rapidly. This reason became one of BROS consideration to develop hospital in Singaraja. It is hoped that community access to health facilities will be easier and it is expected to become an option for the people in Singaraja area especially in choosing health service facilities.

Adequate health care facilities certainly become a much-needed services, seeing the rapid growth of Singaraja city. The goals to have an equal distribution of health services is expected to be achieved through the development of BROS health services to Buleleng. Through this development, BROS hopes to contribute to the improvement of health service and supporting facilities, so that it can make RSU KDH BROS a C class hospital in the future.