by Tracey Hayes

Hi Michele, The tummy tuck was the best thing I have ever done. It has given me a new surge with life, regarding nutrition, well being and fitness. My recovery down time was exactly like you said. I am 8 weeks post op, I have taken it easy, like instructed, and now I am getting back to training to where I was before. The hospital and staff in Bali were awesome, and very professional. I am keeping in contact with a few of the nurses (via Instagram). This is a decision I am very pleased I went with. I was a little nervous at first, but thanks to Michele for her thorough information, and any questions I had, the whole transition was very smooth. So Thankyou Michele, you are a game changer!!

by Made Ariawan

Selamat Pagi,

Kepada Yth :

Managemant Bali Royal Hospital

Up. Ibu dr. I.A. Putranti Darma Restuti, M.Biomed, Sp. B

Saya adalah pasien yang pernah rawat inap mulai tanggal 14 – 19 December 2016 di BROS Hospital karena operasi Haemorroid gr III, dan rawat jalan sampai tanggal 31 Desember 2016.

Dan saat ini kondisi kesehatan sudah baik, dan dapat mulai bekerja seperti biasa mulai hari ini,

Saya & keluarga, mengaturkan banyak terima kasih kepada teams Medis yang telah melakukan proses mulai dari ; Konsultasi, Operasi, Perawatan dan Rawat Jalan yang dilakukan dengan sangat baik,

Khususnya kepada : Ibu dr. I.A. Putranti Darma Restuti, M.Biomed, Sp. B. sekali lagi kami aturkan terima kasih banyak atas segala perawatan & konsultasi yang telah diberikan.


Demikian & terima kasih.

by Raymond Smith

I recently had a Medical Check-up Package done at Your hospital. May I congratulate you on such wonder service and quality of your Package, I will highly recommend you.


Raymond Smith.


by I Wayan Sudarma

Kami sekeluarga sangat berterima kasih untuk pelayanan yg cepat dan ramah tamah dari satpam , penjaga UGD , resepcions sampai  perawat yg selalu merawat dengan ramah dan senyum diruangan .

saya anak dari pasien I Nyoman Suweca yg sdh 3 kali opname di RS bross renon

2 th terakhir ini dengan sakit struk 1.5 th yang lalu di rawat di lantai 2  sdh membaik dan saat ini sakit ginjal bapak saya lagi di rawat sdh 5 hari di lantai 1 # 102 khususnya saya sangat berterima kasih dengan dokter arimbawa dan dokter budi santosa yg dulu saat opname pertama dan opname saat ini selalu merawat dengan tindakan dan memperhatikan juga memberikan saran seperti saudara untuk semangat dan kesembuhan bpk saya , dan juga saat ini saya di rawat oleh dokter penyakit dalam dokter sutarka  sangat baik dan memberikan saran yg ramah , saat ini bpk saya  dirawat 3 dokter yg sangat membuat saya senang ,saya sangat berterima kasih dan sampai saat ini  bapak saya sdh kembali sehat dan kondisi dari awal datang ke UGD sore tgl 5 dalam kondisi merintih kesakitan dan mengigil dan masuk ke ruang HCU juga operasi pasang selang di perut   juga pembersihan penyakit didalamnya dan tidak lupa saya sangat berterima  pelayanan kepada perawat lantai 1 ditempat bpk saya dirawat sangat baik dan ramah pelayanannya  walau bpk saya belum selesai di rawat tidak sabar saya mengucapkan selalu terima kasih

 Dari pelayanan dan keramah tamahan semua  pihak baik  dokter ,perawat , security , kebersihan dan pelayanan makanan untuk pasien hanya terima kasih yang sebesar besarnya saya sampai kan kepada RS Bali Royal Hospital 


by Komang Budiarta

Pelayanan cukup bagus

Karyawannya lumayan ramah

Pokoknya jempol buat bross


by I Made Muliana

Dear Bross Hospital,

We would like to say thank you for the servicing that providing to my little family. My boy was born prematurely on 16th of March 2015 with 1,300 Gram of weight and 41 days hospitalized. With all the effort for the doctor and nurse now my son are in very good health.

First thanks to Dr, Dwi Pelita and all the midwife that taking of my wife for 5 days in VK room. The doctor are very patient and professional and had a lot of support for both of us. All the midwife in VK are very friendly and well trained.

Secondly for the Dr, Sukma and all the Nurse in Nicu room which taking care of my boy from the first day until the day that he can leave the hospital

(41 Days ). Dr. Sukma is very friendly, professional and well communicated with my self during my son in NICU. All the nurse are very well trained ( and I do apologize that I had keep calling them for the asking about my son condition)....The time is very hard for both of us however the support that given to us is very important in our life...you all are best nurse that I have seen!!

Thanks also to Dr. Sanjaya that taking care for the continue treatment during my sons cholestasis and your advice and support are very helping us a lot.

Thanks for all the nurse and first and second floor as well as already taking care both of us during the hospitalized for the dengue fever. Special thanks to Dr. Sumadi.

Thanks for the all ICU team and doctor, Laboratory team, head cashier assistance during payment and receptionist for the hospitality.

Thanks to all consul doctor that also assisting my son.

All of your team in hospital are have a great service and once again we would like to say thank you very much and we wish you all are have a great success in the future...


Best Regards

Muliana, Artha and Mei...

by I Kadek suartawan

Good service

by Ann Lorimer

I just want to say thank you to all the staff who looked after me recently whilst I was in the hospital when on holiday. I felt the service you offered me was very good and include all the nursing staff and hotel services staff as well as the doctors. I am continuing to have tests now back home in the UK. The diagnosis you gave me has helped my own doctor here to refer me to appropriate services.

Thank you


by komang ari suarnata

Sy sedang mengantar bapak saya operasi prostat, sy puas dengan pelayananya dan ruang tunggunya nyaman sekali

by Craig Stevenson

I would like to express my sincere thank you to Dr. Rusdi and the supporting staff at the hospital for their sensitive and professional care during my recent surgery.

When faced with a serious medical condition, it is important to be able to trust in the knowledge and experience of those responsible for resolving the problem.  I always felt confident in the careful, precise diagnosis and treatment.


by Sandra Crowe


Hi Michele,

Thanks for your welcome home. I had a great rest in Bali and I am very impressed with the professional way in which everything has been organised.

Dr Vivi is a beautiful person, very kind and focused. I made her laugh by hoping the Velcro in my compression garment was strong, because if it let go, I may be responsible for killing a few Balinese locals! She was bent over laughing and the other girls didn't seem to know what was going on. All the staff were delightful and

Couldn't do enough to help.

I have never come across such a well planned event before so thank you for that Michele. I would certainly recommend you to anyone planning surgery as the entire organisation was very thorough.

Enjoy your time away and will be in touch,

Regards Sandy (Sandra Crowe)

by bunga ken

Bagus,,bersih,,pelayanan baik

by Sarah Ward

Dear Ida Ayu Oka

We are delighted to announce that ROYAL IVF CLINIC is a finalist in the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2015 in the following category:

  • International infertility clinic of the year

Congratulations! It is a real pleasure to let you know this news. We look forward to welcoming you to the Awards Dinner and Ceremony as a finalist and potential winner.

The IMTJ Medical Travel Awards will be presented to the winners at a gala dinner hosted by IMTJ at the Royal Garden Hotel in London on the evening of April 15th 2015. The presentation of the IMTJ Awards will be a focal point during a wonderful evening for networking and celebration. The host for the evening will be none other than one of the UK’s most famous doctors, Dr Phil Hammond

Sarah Ward
Head of Operations & Special Projects | Intuition Communication Ltd.TM
LinkedIn Profile +44(0)1442 817816 | sarahward@privatehealth.co.uk | Connect : Web | Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter

by Ngurah Sukrayasa

RS. Swasta terbaik

by Yudi Prasetya

I was opname for six days in bali royal in prince room. The service was good. Thanks for house keeping team, they did great job, my room was very clean.


by Cath Iwanyshyn

I have no regrets in having the procedure done & the professionalism of the entire experience was excellent. I knew as soon as I met Dr Vivi that she would do a great job - such a gentle nice person. There is not one thing I can complain about really - I found the BROS hospital to be very good & the staff were friendly & helpful ( even though they did'nt speak much english)  the rooms were clean & bright & the food was perfect.- so what else can I say, I've recommended Dr Vivi to so many people who ask, so may be there will be more work coming her way.



Cath Iwanyshyn

by ade

Rumah sakit BROS adalah rumah sakit yang nyaman. Menurut saya rumah sakit ini tidak kalah dengan rumah sakit lain. Kamarnya yang nyaman, bersih, dan perawatnya yang ramah.

by dr.Gede Kesuma Winarta

“Terima kasih dan syukur saya ucapkan kahadapan Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa karena setelah 15 hari akhirnya kondisi istri saya membaik post operasi lobectomi paru kanan. Terima kasih untuk dokter spesialis dr Semadi SpB,SpBTKV , dr dewa Artika SpP , tim dokter anastesi dr Mahaalit SpAn, dr Utara SpAn, dr Cahya SpAn, dr Hendra SpAn, dan dr Kade SpAn. Juga untuk semua tim keperawatan IBS, ICU dan keperawatan di ruangan royal queen belakang. Terima kasih karena operasi n pemulihannya berlangsung baik, rumah sakit dan kamarnya nyaman.”
Semoga BROS tetap dan semakin baik.”



Dear Doctors,

My name is Denis USSEGLIO THOMASETTI, I am a French citizen. I am contacting you to thank doctor Suyasa I Ketut and all the staff of the hospital.

After an injury during my holidays in Bali, I had acromioclavicular surgery on August 12, 2014. I just run some exams with my French doctors and I am glad to tell you that he said your surgery was a real success and I recovered very well.

I take this opportunity to wish you all the best personally and professionally for this new year 2015.

Best regards,



by Ika Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Dear Bali Royal Hospital,

I wish to  thank Bali Royal Hospital Medical Team on the medical progress made for Ian McIntyre, a Canadian Citizen.  

I am an Indonesian live in the same town as Ian  (Saint John - New Brunswick, Canada). I heard that he had an accident in Bali from my uncle, Vince who is a good friend of Ian’s father. Beeing an Indonesian,  my uncle asked me to be an interpreter for the family and hospital incase there was a language barrier -  which was never happened.

The whole family was very  worried while Ian was in Coma, considering he was alone and miles away. For us who had been to Bali and took 28 hours by plane, could really understand the feeling of beeing ‘"foreign". I personally do not know Ian, nor the family. However, beeing alone in Canada, far from home and families, it was a big relieve when I heard two days ago that Ian was awake from his coma, fully conscious and asked for someones he knew, everybody including myself were trully happy.

Once again, thank you very much for all efforts you have done, especially for taking care of ‘foreigners’ who comes to Bali beacuse they love Bali. I realize that beeing sick was not something nice to remember about Bali, however, to save a life was something miracle.  To be  a ‘foreigner’ is indeed a burden. If we do something wrong, they will judge us and it could affect the nation. However, I am proud to say that no matter how small it is , even it is ‘JUST” a hospital /medical service toward others, I believe the WORLD will recognize and appreciate it.

I would definitely recommend Bali Royal Hospital to my love ones.

Regards, Ika

by Raka - Bali

Good afternoon,

My name is RAKA, I am the father of Baby born in BROS on 23/7/14.

All these days, I know BROS as a big, elite and sophisticated building located in Renon when I visited friends and families addmitted in this hospital. My real introduction with BROS and staff was when my wife delivered our baby. I would never forgot that day as it was like in heaven and hell. Our baby was premature with only 1100 grms. BROS was referred by a government hospital where my wife supposed to deliver. The nurse at that hospital referred us after calling some private hospitals, but the response varied : the equipments were not suffice, not willing to take a risk beacuse the baby was only 1100 grms, no Obgyn available because it was a public holiday... very different from BROS!! Here , they treat us like a ‘ROYAL’ and very professional.

Finally, the baby were born at 19.26 pm - I met my wife after caesarian and the doctor said : ‘My name is Dr, Dwi’. Is this your first son? Congratulation, you are now a father. and your son is on the good hand in NICU room.

I was so happy, although I know that with only 1100 grms, it would be another problem for us to face. Then I met Dr. Suksma, the NICU specialist. She explained about our baby condition and that she and her team had done the best for the baby. After that , I met Dr. Eka – cardiologist and he conducted a test for our baby and tried to calm us down by saying, yes it was a problem with the heart - but it will fixed after medication.

Almost a month, our baby was treated and all that times the nurses informed us on necessary things  before and after medical treatments. They explained it to us in such   a nice way that we felt sooth and save having our son in their hands. The professionalism  and hospitality offered by BROS wouldn’t be enough by saying ‘Thanks’ to  all the team.

I do hope that this hospital will reach their big  and  noble vision for all patients as well as a hope for the management to always attend to their employees (especially nurses) as they took a big role in saving and taking care of our son.


Raka - BALI

by Maxine Wain

Hi my name is MW my story starts a long time ago. I was a bigger girl when I fell pregnant but after having my son by c-section, I was left with a large apron of skin.  Even though I walked every where and exercised, that left over skin just wouldn't shift.  So for years I lived with it.Steadily over 20 years the weight gains became more and increased the size of the apron.

So in 2005 I joined a gym with my sister.  I lost heaps of weight but not that apron!! 

Then someone suggested a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.  I looked into it and knew this was my only solution.  In Australia the price was way out of my league.  Absolute Beauty Asia to the rescue.  They arranged everything for me and before I knew it I was in Bali having my consultation with the wonderful Dr Vivi.  I found the whole thing very exciting but daunting at the same time. The doctors and nurses at Bali Royal Hospital are simply amazing.  I could not have asked for any better care and support.  The constant care each day from Dr Vivi during my recovery was brilliant. 

Strangely I expected more discomfort but I experienced very little and no

pain!!   I also had the support of my GP here in Australia before I went and

he also monitored me when I returned.  Both he and his practice nurse were very impressed with my surgery and care plus the correspondence they received about my treatment. 

I am now in my recovery phase and under ABA's Post Care Program where they check up on me monthly - even though there are no problems.  This has also inspired me to keep my health and fitness commitments.

I am so very happy with my decision to have this done - just should have done years ago.  Thank you to Michele and her team for everything you did for me.  Special thanks to Ms Karwiani and Made for making my stay so memorable.


MW Victoria


Liposuction to Abdomen,

Abdonimal Herniation Repairs


"Kunjungan pemeriksaan kesehatan"

by Panti Asuhan Sunya Giri

kami dr panti asuhan sunya giri mengucapkan terima kasih banyak atas kunjungan dan sumbangsih dari para dokter dan staf rs bros dps serta pemeriksaan kesehatan thd anak asuh kami. semoga kepedulian bpk/ibu mendapat rahmat dr isww/tye dan semoga kepedulian ini dapat berlanjut. suksma......

Posted by :

Panti Asuhan Sunya Giri

"Terima Kasih atas partisipasi BROS"

by Team Marketing Pradnyagama

Terimakasih atas partisipasi Bali Royal Hospital, dalam keikutsertaannya mendukung acara seminar yang diadakan Pradnyagama di Balai Budaya Gianyar, pada hari Sabtu, tanggal 25 Februari 2012. Semoga Pradnyagama dan Bali Royal Hospital bisa melakukan kerjasama dan ikut berpartisipasi lagi di lain kesempatan dalam kegiatan yang kami adakan nanti.

Salam Hangat
Team Marketing Pradnyagama

"Comment and Request for appointment "

by Nellie Kennis

We are so happy that we find the Bali Royal Hospital the first time we visited you at 3 mai.

Now I like to make an appointment for Dr. Gynecology is this possible?

Please can you let me know how to make appointment with the docter maybe you can give me the phone number for the poliklinik.


With best regards,


Nellie Kennis



"Bros is Great"


Great hospital, great services, great facilities, great docters. You are the best health facilities in  Indonesia. Most patient would feel better before treatment, because you have a fantastics facilities and services.


Posted by :


"Thank you for Ms.NITI and Bros team"

by Maeda Shinichi

A few days ago, we have taken care of you will be admitted to the ward on the second floor. Shinichi Maeda who is called.

Symptoms are calm, is now under home treatment.



The nurse was saved Ms.NITI.

While not speak English well, but it was nice we call out in various ways.

Ms. begin NITI, please give my best regards to people attending physician, the other


Posted by :

Maeda Shinichi

"operasi laparoscopy"

by Arsa Wijaya

Kepada Yth. Bali Royal Hospital


Perkenalkan nama saya I Made Arsa Wijaya.

Beberapa hari yang lalu istri saya melakukan oprasi laparoscopy dan pengangkatan saluran antara rahim dan indung telur (kehamilan diluar kandungan). Saya cukup puas dengan pelayanan yang diberikan oleh rumah sakit anda.

Untuk selanjutnya saya tertarik untuk melakukan program bayi tabung...mohon informasi. Estimasi biaya dan kemungkinan keberhasilannya.


Nama istri saya Ni Luh Ketut Sukarniasih, melakukan operasi pada tanggal 01/10/2012 ditangani oleh Dr.Putra Adnyana. mungkin bisa dilihat dihistory riwayatnya.

Demikian dari saya mohon informasinya,


Posted by :

Arsa Wijaya

"Terima Kasih atas pelayanan BROS"

by Mr. Leslie Vick

Saya dirawat di ICU BROS, Sabtu, 24November 2012 setelah mendapat referensi dari Toya Klinik Ubud. Saya mengalami Sakit yang amat sangat di dada dan matirasa pada lengan kiri. Hal ini sangat serius dan menakutkan bagi saya. Respon yang saya terima dari semua staff BROS sangat menakjubkan dan professional, dimana respon seperti ini sangat diperlukan oleh semua pasien pada saat kritis.

Saya dirawat selama 3 hari di ICU sebelum akhirya pindah ke ruangan, pelayanan yang saya rasakan sangat-sangat prima . Saya mengucapkan terimakasih pada Bali Royal Hospital, khususnya Prof Wita yang sangat brilian beserta seluruh teamnya karena telah menyelamatkan nyawa saya.


Mr. Leslie Vick

"bros good"

by Ida Ayu Trisna Widari

bros good


Posted by :

Ida Ayu Trisna Widari

"Short comment for Dr. A.A Wiradnyana and Nurse Desi"

by I Made Dwi Oka Sukaryawan & Kadek Yulandari

Short comment for Dr. A.A Wiradnyana and Nurse Desi (she is in charge in delivery room) "terima kasih banyak atas bantuan dan semangat yang di berikan dokter dan perawat (desi) kepada istri saya (Kadek Yulandari). Yang akhirnya buah hati kita bisa melahirkan dengan selamat. Suksma

Posted by :

I Made Dwi Oka Sukaryawan & Kadek Yulandari



by Yolanda klisiana

the greatest hospital in Bali. none nut BROS HOSPITAL.

The first impressions is wooow...FABULOUS.

safisfied services

GO AHEAD...be success in the future.


Posted by :

Yolanda klisiana

'Terima Kasih'

by I Ketut Wiratama

Senang rasanya bisa terima email mengenai hasil lab anak saya. Kami sangat berterima kasih atas pelayanan dan kerjasama yang baik ini, sehingga kami merasa nyaman dan bisa mengetahui hasil lab tersebut tanpa harus ke sana lagi.

Salam kami buat Dokter Candra dan semua team di BROS

Terima Kasih
I Ketut Wiratama

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