On Saturday the 3rd of December, 2016 BROS and Entrasol held a seminar named “Bye – bye U Factors” in the Imperium Hall at Bali Royal Hospital. The seminar speaker was dr. Ni Made Dwi Lestari Asti, M.Kes, Sp.GK who talked about nutrition and nutrients needed to sustain our body. They also offered bone and fat checking, zumba exercises by Zin Agnez Monica, then quizzes and door prizes. BROS hopes this event could be done yearly to raise attention and awareness to the community about their health.

In the seminar, dr. Asti Dwi said that the body’s age is not necessarily in line with our actual age. The age of bodies can be older or younger than we are. We are said to be older when our body’s age is older than our actual age. However, in essence, the aging process could be slowed down by living ahealthy life, consuming a healthy and balanced nutrition, as well as the support of a positive environment. At the end of the presentation she reminded us about the“4 S” i.e.: Healthy Eating, Healthy Activity, Healthy break, and Healthy thinking.