Bali Royal Hospital (BROS) held symposium and workshop named Basic to Advance Laparoscopy (BALI), on Friday, 15th July, 2016. The Symposium discussed some topics related to Laparoscopy, such as: The Role of Operative Laparoscopy in Infertility presented by dr. Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana, Sp.OG (K-Fer), orthopedic arthroscopy by dr. IGusti Ngurah Wien Aryana, Sp.OT., pediatric hernia laparoscopy by dr. Kadek Deddy Ariyanta, Sp.B., Sp.BA, and dr. Adhi Keswara, Sp.B, with Weight Loss Laparoscopy. Meanwhile, the workshop held on Saturday, 16th July 2016 discussing the new technique in cystectomy and supraservical hysterectomy, as well as  diagnostic and therapeutic knee arthroscopy.

The seminar was attended by general practitioners, specialists and resident of the respective disciplines. It aimed to update the evelopment of science and the latest medical technology on minimal invasive surgery. This seminar is a series of BROS 6th anniversary held on 17th July, 2016. On the same day, it was also Implant Cochlea surgery by BROS team with two patients suffering from disorders hearing. This operation aim to help sufferers can hear back by planting implants in the cochlea