Hemodialysis service at Bali Royal Hospital use the most advanced dialysis methods HFR as the first in the city of Denpasar.

HFR (Hemodiafiltration Online with Endogenous Reinfusion) is an effective treatment for kidney replacement with advanced level using convection technique, diffusion and absorption with a special dialysis machine. Absorption is done with cartridge which contains resin which allow to absorb various uremic toxic especially uremic toxic with a medium molecular and big molecular like B2 microglobulin and other inflammation factors that can increase the risk of discoloration of the skin becomes black, itchy and heart problem which cannot be filtered out with ordinary or conventional hemodialysis, can be significantly reduced.

HFR is suitable for patient with end-stage renal failure, especially for patients with:

  1. The existence of risk factors MIA syndrome (Malnutrition, inflammation and atherosclerosis) in patients with diabetes, the elderly and patients with high cardiovascular risk.
  2. Chronic hypotension
  3. Excessively Overweight Intradialytic

Hemodialysis treatment in Bali Royal Hospital has 4 beds capacity equipped with O2 and central suction. The room also equipped with Bellco hemodialysis machine with 2 types: single pump and double pump. To provide emergency equipment, all of the medicines and equipments are put in emergency trolley.

Hemodialysis unit in Bali Royal Hospital is open from Monday – Saturday from 7.30 AM – 8.00 PM. If emergency action is needed, the patient will still be served.