On Monday, 26th Spetember 2016, BROS and Yayasan Senyum (Smile Foundation-Bali) held Seminar Plastic Surgery Update. This seminar was participated by GP and specialist from Hospitals and Clinics around Denpasar. There were 4 speakers: Prof.Dr.dr.Sri Maliawan, Sp.BS (K), dr.AA.GN.Asmarajaya, Sp.B,Sp.BP, dr.Agus Roy Rusly Hariantana Hamid, Sp.BP.RE, and dr.Walter Flapper and Team from dari Australian Craniofacial Unit (ACFU). The topics on this seminar were Comprehensive Treatment for Cleft Lip and Palate, Development Treatment on Craniofacial, and Craniocerebral Problem.

The seminar was officially opened by BROS’ CEO, dr.I Gede Wiryana Patra Jaya, M.Kes. On his speech, he told that it is a program to introduce further about one of BROS center of excellence that is Plastic Surgery. As we know that the science and technology are developing rapidly and Plastic surgery too. Thus, through this seminar, we can share each other about the update on Cleft Lip and craniofacial problem. Additionally, we can learn much from dr.Walter Flater and team about these topics.

BROS and Smile Foundation, been working since 2011, wants to keep and build the strong and good cooperation, not only for cleft lip patients, but also wants to give the update information about plastic surgery to doctors and specialists. Through this way, hopefully we can do our best on medical service given, so the patient can show their smile and do some activities with others.