In order to welcome Indonesia’s Mother’s Day which falls on 22nd December, BROS in collaboration with IIPG held examination on early detection for cervical cancer through IVA test last Sunday (17/12). This event was held to improve the society awareness on the importance of early detection for cervical cancer. This free IVA examination provide the opportunity for people to check their breast and vital organ.

The IVA test was done by the Indonesia Midwives Association (IBI) under the supervision of gynecologist, dr. I Made Darmayasa, Sp.OG(K). There are 100 participations who participated during the event from all region in Bali. All of the participant also had the opportunity to have a free consultation with the doctor. The event was welcomed by the surrounding community, which can be seen through their enthusiasm and their concern for the health of their vital organ.

This program aims to reduce the death rate of women with cervical cancer. All of the participants also received education from the midwives and doctor as a step to improve community health status through the implementation of healthy living. With the implementation of the IVA test for early detection of cervical cancer, it is hope that it will be able to minimize the number of cervical cancer patient and to get treated as early as possible.