Surgery with Minimal Invasive Surgery technique, or also known as surgery with laparoscopy is technique that uses laparoscopy tool set with small cuts and relatively quick healing. The surgical instrument has been widely used in various hospitals in Indonesia including Bali Royal Hospital. Our hospital continues to develop this tool to further empower the possibility of surgery on various surgical operations including:

  1. Digestive surgery, such as appendicitis and abnormalities in the bile.
  2. Obstetrics and gynecology, for the benefit of diagnostic and therapy in cases such as cysts, myoma, hysterectomy.
  3. Surgical urology in terms of handling up to prostate urinary tract stones.

Laparoscopy with surgical techniques, the surgery does not need to make an incision long as is done in conventional surgery techniques. The incision in Laparoscopy surgery made very minimal because the healing process in the body using a specific tool that can be monitored directly at the camera. Patient will receive lot of benefit who had undertaken the surgery, with a brief hospitalization, minimal pain and low cost.