Bali Royal Hospital (BROS) held blood donation event as a part of their 7th anniversary celebration, in cooperation with Bali Region Red Cross. This blood donation event was held on Friday, 9th of June 2017 at Imperium Hall Bali Royal Hospital.

This blood donation event is a routine agenda held annually by BROS. The purpose of this event is a form of BROS social awareness towards humanity. Through this activity, is expected to be able to help those in need.

In this blood donation action, BROS invites the society to participate in this activity to donate a drop of blood for humanity. At least more than 70 participants consisting of the society as well as doctors and BROS employees enlisted to participate in this blood donation event.

Out of all the participants who signed up, most of them are able to donate their blood. Only a small part who were not able to donate their blood because of their blood pressure and hemoglobin not in accordance with the requirements. This blood donation action held by BROS managed to collect 61 bags of blood.

This blood donation event as a part of the 7th anniversary of BROS runs successfully. This can be seen through the enthusiasm of the participants who helped support this event. The event is expected to foster a sense of solidarity.